Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Beloved Nicholas Kirkwood for Erdem Boots

I adore these boots. Everything about them just adds up to perfection. The beautiful print, the contrasting laces, the grippy sole, the leather detail! I also (surprisingly) love walking up mountains and these really do aesthetically merge the outdoors aspect of me, with the part that would happily spend hours shopping. 

And here is the twist in my story - I recently purchased these boots, and then cancelled the order. You see, although I think that these boots are actual perfection in the form of shoes, they were still a ludicrously
 large amount of money, and I remembered that if I went vintage shopping I could actually buy literally 50 different things for the same amount of money. 

Also I don't think that they would have fared very well in the very wet and very muddy English countryside, even if they did look wonderful on the streets of London.

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