Saturday, 7 May 2011

My Beloved Idea - Birth Flower

Everyone knows they have a birth stone, but do they know that there is such a thing as a birth flower?! I did not know this so was quite surprised to find out that, firstly I have one, and secondly that mine (June) is a rose or honeysuckle! This actually makes alot of sense as I really like roses, and love honeysuckle, so much so that I recently saw Cath Kidston hand cream and am so annoyed that i have gone into 5 shops looking for it - no sign yet, so next stop is ebay. There was also a very shameful incident recently when I saw some when to smell it and it ended up looking like I was eating it and then the people that lived in the house that it belonged to were looking at was bad. 
Anway, this could simply be chance, but maybe its not! Thought I would post something so other people could see if this was true for them!
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