Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My Beloved Coat - Stella McCartney

I saw this trench on Hanneli Mustaparta's 5 days, 5 looks, 1 girl on Vogue.com and instantly had to look for it. Finally foung it on StellaMcCartney's own website, but the ony snag was it's £1,255. Had been hoping I could ask for it for my birthday, and realised it would be expensive, but that would be just a little too much to ask for.
Really like the detail of the print and how it looks like a botanical study rather than simply a basic repeating floral print. May be I will get a job over the summer and save up, but I bet by then they wont stock it! Definatley to be paired with some really light blue worn jeans, or a exceedingly short dress ah la Hanneli. Love the green bag, but I just got a great tan tote bag that would suit it. Finish it off with a gold  Cartier LOVE bracelet, hair loose, not too styled, and Chanel shoes. Perfect! 
Photos from amerianvogue.com and stellamccartney.co.uk

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