Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My Beloved Drink

The person that invented Innocent smoothies is a genius! They taste delicious, have funny little anecdotes on the bottle, and they actually do you good, what more do you need? Whenever i feel unhealthy (very often as I live off chocolate) I have one and feel like I am a little closer to the energy levels needed to take on the world. During winter they also do bottles with knitted hats on and when you buy one of these bottles, not only do you get a snazzy hat, but they donate 25p to Age UK. I currently have 2 hats, and really want to knit some for next year, as it is a really good charity that helps care for the elderly in England. The real charm of Innocent smoothies is that they make you smile, and when its cold and rainy anything that make your day a little brighter is certainly a good thing!

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