Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Beloved Luggage

Whilst the French have Louis Vuitton to provide their luggage, the British have Globe - Trotter. May Mum had a small suitcase by them and I always remember thinking it was so classic and cool when I was younger. The brand is over a century old and past clients include Winston Churchill and even the Queen establishing it as one of the heritage brands of Britain.
As with any brand that has stood the test of time, it reinvents itself. Last year it collaborated with the designer Erdem to produce beautiful yet fun luggage. The design stayed true to the brand, but the details and colour schemes used the distinct Erdem floral pattern.
Globe - Trotter is a great example of how a traditional brand can transform itself in little ways and still be a completely luxurious object.

Image from globetrotter1897.com

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