Sunday, 3 April 2011

My Beloved Book - Rivers by Griff Rhys Jones

I recently went to see Griff Rhys Jones do a talk at the Bath Lit Festival, and so I had the opportunity to meet him afterwards I brought a copy of his book ‘Rivers’. I admit now that I am a fan of his programmes but hadn't actually read his books. The night before I forced my friends to watch his programme, so they could appreciate his genius as I did (they said it was 'very good', but this may have been to shut me up).
The talk he gave was really interesting, but also funny and light-hearted, although for me the main purpose of the evening was to meet him after. I hesitated to go up to the table, but after a firm push from my friend I found myself in front of him. What followed was thoroughly embarrassing. I won't go into details, but I could have played it a little cooler.
When I got home, I decided after the fun evening I had had I was defiantly going to read his book. I am used to reading books that give you headaches, so I was very pleased to read something that educated me but in an entertaining way, and actually caused me to laugh out loud. When I got to the end I had that thoroughly cliché feeling of not wanting it to end, but I can honestly say that even on my tight student budget I immediately found a way to afford his another of his books, 'Mountain'. 'Rivers' is a really entertaining read; it made me appreciate the rivers that decorate the English countryside, and also raised some important questions, but all was constantly infused his humour so it never felt preachy. Most importantly it sparked my passion for travelling and exploring, but reminded me that you don't have to go so far afield for a good old adventure.

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